(G)nosis Timeless has worked vehemently throughout his career to bring knowledge, truth and light of self to the world- at large. His music has been the most recent catalyst for this, his efforts. Through his philanthropic work (G)nosis has been involved with many international organizations and movements that have empowered our society- young to older. 

In between touring- his most recent initiative has been in establishing The Secret Society of (G)nosisa society that tasks each TIME TRAVELER with creating an actually TIME MACHINE- not in theory, but practice. This is no easy feat at all, as (G)nosis realized in order to know if creating a TIME MACHINE was actually possible, that he would have to be the first one to step inside, and test it, himself. What came out of this for him was the realization that if everyone is apart of reality- past, present, and future, that Time Traveling could not be done alone. The one answer that did reveal itself however was the one that mattered most- could time travel actually be possible?... The answer, You will have to step inside of the TIME MACHINE to find out for yourself.  

The purpose of The Secret Society of (G)nosis is to create an environment for a TIME TRAVELER to explore the vastness of their place within reality- universal consciousness- at large. As (G)nosis was, is, and will always be a TIME TRAVELER- this society is as much about his findings, as it is about Your own. Through music, art, rhetoric, other TIME TRAVELERS- their stories, and so much more- grab hold of the opportunity to discover the answer of Time Travel for yourself in an environment the SSofG calls the TIME MACHINE.

The term TIME MACHINE in its simplest definition suggest that our ability of traveling back and forward in time is merely science fiction. A definition is only defined by the standards of the people who use it, and as such, The Secret Society of (G)nosis exists to challenge and inevitabily re-define this thoery to allow the TIME TRAVELER to actually be able to travel through time; ultimately becoming TIMELESS. This will be accomplished first through balancing your five senses, and then intuitively exploring your sixth- through real life interactions within the TIME MACHINE, and findings of (G)nosis Timeless, but not just that- also through the other TIME TRAVELER that you will be amongst.

We all loved the idea of the blockbuster hit "Back to the future", which left us pondering the actuality of being a TIME TRAVELER, but let's just imagine for a second that you possessed the ability to go back in time or forward- to any time...

*What would you do when you got there?

*What would you create when you left?

*Who would you speak to?

*When would be the era you would go to/change? Why?

*How would you effect the past/future by what you change?

*Where do you feel you belong?

*Why would you want to Travel into Time?

*Define the past, present, future?

*What is Time?

Through the guidance and support of The Secret Society of (G)nosis, You will get a chance to not only answer these questions that barely scratch the surface, but dive deeper into what You may find hard to put into words at all- the only intent of this society is for you to experience yourself, inside and outside of yourself. This is not connected to a religion, there is no one to worship, no rules to follow, just a journey to explore- your journey to exploreTheir is no monthly fee. No initiation fee. No group meetings. No code of conduct other than respecting the journey of others, and your own... Most importantly, just a true passion for doing the work- on yourself within your Time- to become TIMELESS. 

If you have chosen to Enter the TIME MACHINE, then it is to be clear that you understand the responsibilities that come with Time Traveling.  You must first ground yourself in the present, and be right here, right now, before you can prepare to enter. You will carry with you the weight of the world (past, present, future); This weight is not yours alone, so the more you distribute and learn, the more the weight will lift and balance. Share your Travels along the way. The answer to your questions are there...

As a bonus- While inside the TIME MACHINE also gain access to the deeper TIMELESS world of (G)nosis with society only contests, secret shows, exclusive music, prize giveaways and much more.

If you still wish to Enter, please click "Request_ Password" and include "The Secret Society of (G)nosis" in the title to request your password. On June 21, 2016- you will gain Your access into the TIME MACHINE. This is not restricted to anyone who cares to explore deeper inside and out. Are you ready to step into Your TIME MACHINE to be TIMELESS?                                                                                   

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Note: www.ThisIsGnosis.com has experienced a significant amount of volume within the past 6 months of beta testing for The Secret Society of (G)nosis. Due to this, the decision has been made to push back the official release date until June 21, 2016, at which time you will be given access to everything. We apologize about the inconvenience, but are sincerely humble by all of the interest in this Secret Society. Please click 'Request_Password', and you will be updated on each stage of the process until the launch. Thank You TIME TRAVELERS, for all of your support. We are working tirelessly to make this the absolute best experience for each of you!