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2019 Concert Schedule

Fall Dates (TBA)

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(G)nosis is a celebrated artist using the abundance of his time and talents to change the world. He has worked extensively in the entertainment industry and nonprofit organizations worldwide, for over the past two decades.

Beginning at 5 years old dancing on stage with MC Hammer - solidified his genuine love for music and culture of entertainment. He would move on to become an award winning solo artist, published poet, national television host, director, CMJ Hip-Hop Top 40 artist, philanthropist, teacher and fierce business owner. A passionate human rights advocate and educator who believes in the spirit of music as a means of communicating loftier ideas of how the world can expand its horizon in every industry, from medical to technology.

An influential music artist who has been licensed through MTV, VH1, Oxygen, Discovery Network, NASCAR and more. Over time, he realized the lack of artists knowing their message - prompting him to spend the last 5 years facilitating workshops using music as a backdrop, to allow the true artist to emerge. His entertainment company is an affiliate member of NAMM, actively supports global music education.

(G)nosis works with nonprofit initiatives around the arts, education, homelessness, suicide prevention and more. A member of board of directors - helping branding, fundraising, strategic planning and more. The Chief Operating Officer of A New Dimension Of Hope - breaking ground on building their 2nd school in Liberia in summer 2017 - opening its doors to over 400+ students in 2018.

An ambassador of peace working with world leaders - inspiring Artists worldwide to become the Artists they probably never knew, they already were.

(G)nosis strength lies in his extraordinary ability to convey the experience of spiritual quest coupled with worldly wisdom. It is the experience of that spiritual odyssey – the magic of hope and deliverance. Through Hip-Hop inspired, coupled with Jazz and conjoined with Pop, he has found the perfect Trinity in embodying the past, present and the future of music. (G)nosis is Timeless...(G)nosis is Knowledge...(G)nosis is Light... So no matter where you go, (G)nosis is there... These works range from the simple, intelligent, fun, new and authentic; to the most complex methods of an artists who seeks the liberation of both himself and his listener. This is challenging music that speaks in a symbolic language of the heart and soul; a beacon of light that serves to illuminate the darkest recesses of our souls, and this is just the beginning… __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

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"Rapper (G)nosis's new album, The Midnight Drifter LP, is conscious but not preachy, deep but not overwrought, forward-thinking but not inaccessible. More impressive, there aren't any bad songs to be found here, and that's most certainly a feat for such a lyrically ambitious project. On Midnight Drifter, (G)nosis challenges you to think at his level — a risky move, because if he'd failed, then the record would have been boring. Fortunately, the gamble paid off, and that's precisely what makes this a better-than-average listen. Tonally, the record ranges from conversational to prophetic, and thematically, the rapper is nearly as diverse. The release is on the short side, but that's not necessarily a bad thing in these ADD-riddled times." ~Noah Hubbell (Westword)


"A riveting and soulful examination so rarely found in modern popular music." ~Anna Blau (Berliner Morgenpost)


"I thought that he was a very articulate young man and he seems to be well educated on the arts of music, and so many artists of today don't necessarily take the time to do the research and put the work into it, but this young man seems as if he gets it, he understands it, and its showing through his music, and even the fact that he mentioned the 3 albums that he had, and the stages that they go through in life, means that he understands the process. I am thrilled that he understands to the point where its showing through his craft, and it is showing through his art, and I enjoyed the music a lot... The level of intensity, the cleverness of how he uses the words. Too many times, simple words can be rhymed and put into a sentence to make it sound like it makes sense, but this young man is taking the thought, and taking the thought into the artistic measures that he has shown. I think that he is a great talent. I am looking to see some great things from (G)nosis, and I am definitely going to be following his career." ~Mr. D (The Power of Music Radio Show)